Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Champagne Showers


Oh yes my past weekend was champagne filled, heat induced fun! Okay, I only had one glass of champagne but it was so good - MUMM demi sec: nice and sweet :)

We went on a lovely tour at the MUMM champagne house, hence the free champagne. So much work goes in to making good champagne! I really want to show my appreciation and drink champagne everyday ;) After that, we went on a super touristy bus tour of our small city. We were shown pleasures such as council flats, the local carrefour and the first decrepit university residence ever built. It took FIVE HOURS. That's Paris to London and back -_-

The day got better with an after dark bbq - best bbq burgers I've ever had. We then partied it up in a club (12 Euro entry *grr*). I know so much terrible French music now it's shocking.

Life isn't all fun and games though, every tried learning Latin... in a foreign language? Here, the lecturers dictate everything (even in the seminars) and you're supposed to write everything down *sigh* Ah well, tout va bien, don't really work outside of lectures anyway and there are loads more events to come this term!

The life of an Erasmus student is a hard one :)

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Clara Turbay said...

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Evi said...

Great photos!!! ;)

Well done

Evi xoxo


Arden said...

Lovely photos! xx

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maphi said...

loving the pictures and you look great , looks like ur having an amazing time in france :) xoxo

Tangled Hair Techs said...

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