Monday, 9 July 2012

"One coffee, five sugars for the producer - thanks"

Red lipstick and leather effect jeans seem the perfect outfit to, er, help me blend into the background. Look, I'm taking this casual dress code and running with it! Zara top and jeans, customised Topshop jacket, Ruby Woo MAC lippie (OH MAH GAH my new love) and Casio watch.

I've officially started my internship! All big and bushy eyed, I careered into the broadcasting offices with a slightly neurotic, permanent grin clinging to my face. 'OH HAI, NICE TO MEET YOU!!!!!!11' was my general opening line to anyone who would stand still long enough for me to accost them and shower them with my infectious Overly Helpful Intern conversation. It actually went surprisingly well for what I was expecting... which was the worst. Indeed, there were a few hiccups... which included me welcoming in a guest and finding out after he left that he was actually a rather renowned and revered comedian... I was perfectly welcoming obviously, and did laugh at all his jokes - I just feel terrible that I didn't know who he was.

One of the staff kept on forgetting my name and called me Janet, Jennifer, Jane, Josephine. She called my Janet in front of the guests and for what seemed like half a century of an awkward pause I corrected her (politely). I considered taking on the grovelling intern role and just answering to any name she threw my way, but I managed to grow a pair and not go with that stellar plan. How the hell would I be able to explain that idea once they all figured out my actual name? I pondered. There was also the awkward, 'Oh, you're still here' at the end of the day when I was sat at the desk with another intern twiddling my thumbs with little to do. I'm not a lazy, work-shy oaf but I mean, there's a thin line between the willing 'eager to help' intern and the 'annoying twat' who constantly pierces the atmosphere with shrill 'what can I do next!!" questions. 

Here's to day 2, which will be shooting on location!

Bisous xx

PS for the lovely commenter who asked my questions about interning etc, I will answer them in an upcoming post :)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Juice Time: Get your Greens

This week, my mother and I anticipated and welcomed the arrival of our Phillips HR1861 Juicer. Yes, we have become them. Part of that insufferably over-righteous, Whole Foods Re-Usable Bag toting lot who declare irritating slogans such as: 'You are what you drink!' 'Juice your veg and eat your fruit!!' I haven't been this excited about a new thing in a while... that includes all the clothes and shoes I've bought. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for kitchen gadgets. If you've managed to wade your way through my over-excited write up, I thought I'd snap some photos of a rather, er, attractive concoction I knocked up this week. I chucked in spinach, celery, celery leaves, parsley, ginger, lime, pear, apple and some cucumber.


Lime: The health benefits of lime include weight loss, skin care, good digestion, relief from constipation, eye care, and treatment of scurvy, piles, peptic ulcer, respiratory disorders, gout, gums, urinary disorders, etc. Source

Ginger: Known for all sorts of healing properties and has been used for generations to act as a natural cure for loads of ailments. It's great for the digestive system! Source

Parsley: Yep. I put parsley in this juice... not too much though as it is (and tastes) ridiculously strong. It's a diuretic (makes you wee) and a laxative (um, no need to expand on this one), freshens breath, boosts the immune system and can be used to treat anemia. source

What did this juice taste like? Well thanks to the apple and pear, not too bad actually. I thought it was going to taste like the rear end of a lawnmower, but it was rather pleasant and the apple and pear went a good way to sweeten it up.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Just completed my Erasmus Year Abroad - time to twiddle my thumbs and wait until Uni starts again in September?

Hail no.

Like many undergrads, school leavers and even graduates I have made it my absolute mission to ensure my summer break isn't a 'wasted' one. By wasted, I mean full of lovely lie ins, spontaneous trips to the park (weather willing) and carefree shopping sprees (wallet willing) with my girls. So basically, to make sure my summer holiday is not a holiday at all. After coming to terms with the sad, sad truth that grown-ups don't get 3 months off in the summer but actually have to keep working (shock!) I figured I may as well ease myself into adulthood by keeping busy in the summer.

I've snagged myself a rather good gig at a digital television station and hope to be starting there next week *screams*. I'm rather nervous as I'm not very good at water-cooler talk and can be rather awkward at times (e.g realising someone is saying 'hi' 3 seconds too late and I react about 10 seconds later leaving me awkwardly grinning like a twat to myself. The other person thinks I'm rude and strangers think I'm mentally ill. Perfect). 

However, I'm not letting my cynical brain chat me out of this one! Bring on the awkward Did-you-see-that-on-the-telly-last-night conversations, packed lunch spillages and endless tea and coffee runs!  

P.S So I jumped on le bandwagon and studded the leather jacket. It was that or chuck it away (i.e leave it in the corners of my wardrobe) and splash out on a new one. I still would like another, but for now, I think it's better to be responsible and shop my closet. I hate that phrase... so corny.

P.P.S Mum and I got a new juicer *screams* I shall now become one of those insufferable people who goes on about how amazing juicing is.