Thursday, 28 June 2012

Market Hopping: Leather Lane

As most of us do, I love a good bargain. A really good bargain. Move along Zara with your '£3 off sale bonanza', I'm on the hunt for seriously slashed prices. Living in London, I am blessed to be surrounded by many markets, selling different kinds of tat/treasures and Leather Lane is one of those. Nestled amongst the stuffy offices and large corporations in the bustling City of London, Leather Lane Market is a haven for trendy dressers who want some high street stuff and bugdget prices. Due to its location, blazers, dress and blouses are staples with Topshop, Zara and New Look being popular brands.

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It's also a great place to eat, as busy office workers on their lunchbreaks come here to find fuel. Honestly, I have never seen such variety of cuisine on such a little street (quite a small market in my opinion, it could take you about 5 mins to walk the whole thing) and the huge glutton in me has to always resist the urge to run down the market shovelling any and everything into my gob.

On my last trip with Cherish, I went for the Lamb and Halloumi wrap. Erm. Amazeful. It was like Rihanna, Azaelia Banks and Abbey Lee Kershaw were having a party in my mouth and I was actually invited... okay maybe not in my mouth but you get the point, it was a bloody good wrap!
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Cherish opted for a burrito which I didn't get a shot of but was also tasty. 
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Thanks to the mini health craze sweeping the nation (anyone noticed the side salad option popping up on the new Nando's menu?) there's loads of healthy/vegetarian/vegan opition and I also got myself some fresh juice. Pear, apple, ginger, lime and celery if I remember correctly. So very refreshing and good to get some of my 5 a day *adjusts halo
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I think markets are such great places to find some unique stuff and I plan to visit more this summer! Roll on market-hopping! Goodness, somebody stop me before I go too crazy, clearly living life on the edge here.*

*It's in writing sentences such as these which further fuel my desire for 'sarcasm font'. Anyone else agree?


Lollihearts said... when will you consider modelling!!!! lool

i have never been to this place in London...need to check it out when I get back


Jacquie said...

hahaa!! please don't gas me :) yeah you should check it out, it's quite good!


Sheyla said...

A nice and simple look is always great!

Your pleather skirt is lovely <3


Nini said...

there are a lot of good things