Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Weekend Away

I had to zip back to London this weekend for a charity event, but I took advantage of being home to visit one of my favourite parts of London with one of my favourite people.

Ce dernière weekend je suis rentrée chez moi pour un diner de bienfaisance et donc j'ai décidé de visiter mes endroits préférés avec une chère amie. 

Oxford/Regent's Street, West London

Brick Lane, East London


Ugghhh the best thing ever!!! Salt beef bagel. Yum.

Les nouveaux achats...

Such an awesome day.


Lollihearts said...

you with braids... <3

how lucky that you can just pop back to London just for the weekend! As much as I not really missing London...I do miss clothes shopping in the UK esp. normal Zara prices.. loooool typical..



rufus said...

such an awesome day! thanks for the generally kick ass weekend. xxx

ps i seriously plan for us to just stalk east london this summer.

Jacquie said...

ah thanks miss lolli ;) i reckon sk is waaaayyy better than london, i still stalk your blog for updates ;)

and yes chez, i'm already planning the stuff we'll do over the summer O_O loser much?

Nneoma said...

You guys look like you had fun. :) also very jealous of both of your cute outfits! Haha