Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 03.

Fashion over beauty anyway for me, but I do have a certain weakness for lipsticks. The ones that grab me are the matte shades - the more matte and deeper the colour, the better. Too glossy and I feel like my lips are in danger of looking like an over-botoxed trout pout going for a night on the town. I thought it'd be good to address some beauty on this here blog so here's my latest love. Cream Lip Stain from Sephora is one of those products I'm surprised I haven't heard about before. 

I bought in in pink because most of the matte pinks out there are too pale and end up making me look as though I'm having an image crisis so this one was a winner (colour 03). It's like a paint consistency and goes on wet, but dries in a few moments to give this stunning effect. It stays on really well, but you've got to be quick and steady with this product. Apply carefully in an even way to avoid schizophrenic lips.

Schizophrenic lips. Bet you'll never find that in a beauty guide.

J'aime le rouge velouté sans transfert de Sephora. Je l'ai acheté en colore 03. 

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Naja Diamond said...

This is a great color on you doll, love it! I have never tried a lipstain but I like this a lot.