Monday, 2 April 2012

Pink and Red

Here lies my feeble attempt to incorporte more colour into my life... baby steps, baby steps :) For the lovely spring weather, I've decided to rummage about in my warrobe and makeup bag to force myself to be a bit more, well, springy.

Vintage jacket, H&M top and necklace, Topshop boots and jeans which died a horrible death in an embarrasing moment in front of my friend *facepalm*. Topshop Leigh jeans, so terribly thin yet so beautifully butt-enhancing.
Good old Russian Red
*sigh* guys, please ignore the grey flip flop photobombing my outfit shots... evidence that being a slob will eventually catch up with you!
I've since recovered from my sad loss and have been rather preoccupied with soaking every last bit of sunshine I could. The past week or so has been lovely! I've spent it in and out of lectures, walking around Reims and having randon jam sessions in the park. Brilliant. This weekend was colder, yes, but was still sunny enough - we even squeezed in a cheeky BBQ... fair enough we we're shivering our tooshes off, but  it was still good! I think I love the sunshine more than the heat that may or may not come with it. 


Sia said...

I love the pop of pink x

Oluwaseun S. said...

I like this look, and you look very nice! I love the way you added color to this outfit! :)